Wiley’s Juices

The family behind the farm

The Wiley family settled in St. Catharines in the late 1700’s and served the local settlers as blacksmiths. In the mid 1850’s George Wiley purchased property in Louth Township and began the Wiley grape growing tradition.  Now, several generations later, the present George Wiley has continued the grape growing business with his family in Louth Township. The farm has seen several transitions over the years, including sheep, dairy, and beef farming, as well as peach & pear orchard harvests, however, grapes have always remained a primary focus.


The varietals have evolved from predominantly Concord and Niagara, to Delaware, Agawam, Vincent, and over time, hybrids such as Dechaunac , Foch, Baco, Vidal and Seyval. With the introduction of V. vinifera varieties such as Chardonnay, Riesling and Cabernet in the 1990’s, today’s vineyard is a blend of old and new, which provides a diversified mix of options for the home winemaker.

Pure Grape Juice

In the late 1970’s Wiley’s began operating a 100% pure juice processing plant to compensate for transitional times of surplus and market fluctuations. For almost twenty-five years bottles of “Wiley’s Pure Juices “could be found throughout Ontario and Quebec. Presently, we offer fresh Concord grape juice in the fall for individuals and suppliers to bottle or preserve for their year round enjoyment.

Winemaking Juice

Our autumn sales of pailed winemaking juices have been offered for over 30 years. Our experience and commitment to producing optimum product for the home winemaker has enabled us to achieve extensive customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost.  We are proud to supply the Ontario consumer with a truly local and natural product.