Wiley’s Juices


All grapes are grown & crushed into juice at Wiley’s.

All juice will be balanced for sweetness to 22 brix.

All varietals are available in 20 litre pails.

Red Wine Varietals

CONCORD $33.00/pail ($1.65/litre)
old favourite, best in sweeter wines; Available: early October
DeCHAUNAC $35.00/pail ($1.75/litre)
delicious fruit character, ruby red; Available: early October
BACO NOIR $40.00/pail ($2.00/litre)
mixed dark berry flavour, medium body; Available: late September
CABERNET $65.00/pail ($3.25/litre)
Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Sauvignon, full bodied, premium quality; Available: late October

White Wine Varietals

WILEY WHITE $33.00/pail ($1.65/litre)
old style, best in off-dry to sweet wines; Available: late September
VIDAL $40.00/pail ($2.00/litre)
Light, fresh, excellent table wine; Available: mid-late October
CHARDONNAY $65.00/pail ($3.25/litre)
Full bodied, creamy palate, premium quality; Available: early-mid October
PINOT GRIGIO $65.00/pail ($3.25/litre)
Light, crisp, fruitful, premium quality; Available: early-mid October
RIESLING $65.00/pail ($3.25/litre)
racy acidity, fresh and crisp, premium quality ; Available: mid-late October

De-stemmed Mash

CABERNET $55.00/pail
vinifera; Available: late October

**De-stemmed mash must be paid in full in advance